Loans v Free

Baily Wright arrived yesterday on loan for the rest of the season, but his Bristol City contract expires in the summer. So why loan? Obviously a short term deal protects Sunderland, if he’s injured or a flop then he leaves come June, but what do Bristol gain from officially having him remain their player? His contract is up, so they’ve no investment to protect; they can’t recall him due to the transfer window ‘slamming shut’. Just one of football’s little quirks I guess

Technology Test

As the telephone interview on Thursday night petered out, I’d given up all hope of getting that job. it was in Stockton, which is quite a hike and it was for a Senior Software Designer, which seemed like a lot of responsibility for someone not used to being a leader. The recruitment agent phoned and said they’d liked me but were unsure about my technical skills and so asked me to take the technical test part of the interview first! Sat and done it today and lo and behold, it turns out I can remember more .NET than I thought. Guess we’ll see where that ends up!


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