Payment holidays

When do you think you’d most need a payment holiday from the largest financial commitment you can make? In your hour of need, normally. Seems no one has told the Halifax that as they’ve just told me I can’t have a payment holiday as I don’t have a job or a start date for a job. I’m not asking them to forgive my debt, I’ve every intention of honouring every last penny, but I am asking them to give me some breathing space. I feel I’ve done the right thing by only asking for help when I’ve really needed it but feel a little hard done to that they didn’t seem keen to help

First day nerves

For the first time in about 20 years, I’m going to sign on the dole. Not sure why I’m nervous, I’m sure the sheer volume of jobs I’ve applied for in the last 4 or 5 days will be more than sufficient. Perhaps its just that a year ago I couldn’t envisage having to go through this again. 20 years ago I wouldn’t have contemplated taking my laptop as proof of applying for work (I’ve managed to forward the emails to a new account on my tablet; hopefully they’ll accept that) but now I’m desperate to get back on the work ladder and have that horrible Sunday night back to work feeling

Coding, but which flavour?

I’d say I’m a moderate coder, I don’t seem to have the inspiration that I’ve seen in others; I’ve seen people build themselves a development environment in a morning to achieve something they need to do, but if I put my mind to it and with a fair bit of trial and error, I can achieve. However, it seems my chosen dialect of the last 15 years, Visual Basic, is now as popular as using leeches in medicine. I’ve flirted with Javascript, it genuinely seems an exciting prospect but there is such a plurality of plugins, of standards and of flavours that I always seem to fall back to Php and it’s steady data handling and echo-ing of HTML elements. Guess it’s head down, read up on NPM and React and hope my brain can learn when to use two ‘=’ signs and when to use three!


Welcome to my blog, here I will pontificate about my journey through looking for work and upskilling with possibly a bit of football and politics thrown in for good measure!

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings