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About Me

I love; my family, obviously, they're everything to me and one of my joys is an afternoon somewhere on the North East coast. The other thing that takes up my Saturdays is the 'delight' that is following Sunderland AFC through thin and painfully thinner. Listening (and watching when I can) to cricket is another pleasure of mine, although I can watch most sports. Musically, Deacon Blue is 'my' band, they have been since about 1989 and I've seen them live more times than I care to mention. Most stuff from the 80's and 90's will engage me enough to not press next on whatever device. I really enjoy stand up and topical comedy and my all time favourite TV show was The West Wing; though I do enjoy Star Trek and other sci fi.

I loathe; mashed potato, and that's about it really. I'm also not fond of being late.