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Self taught, self starting, passionate coder

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About Me

A strategic thinker with a cohesive IT background, I establish highly effective relationships with stakeholders who know I can be trusted to manage business needs and commercial goals. I am an exceptionally motivated, loyal and ethically driven person.

Never content with sitting still, I'm an avid and quick learner; currently I'm in the process of learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and frameworks like Bootstrap.

Away from a work environment, I'm a big sports fan; football, cricket, tennis and formula 1; I enjoy reading biographies and watching films.

Educational Qualifications


  • Migrated database onto SQL Server and developed VB.Net application to manage the Associations Mailing List.
  • Devised and designed SQL Server database and VB.Net application to manage the Associations Gas Servicing Schedule, to ensure legal responsibilities were met, produce worksheets for the contractor and automate MS Word to generate appointment letters to residents.
  • Designed performance reports for both the Association and their contracted workforce, using Visual Studio Report Designer.
  • Designed, developed and maintained Timesheet application which passed XML timesheets between users, line managers and HR using Microsoft Message Queue. HR then stored the data on a SQL Server database to allow the data to be reported on. Also provided training to staff to use application.
  • Developed using Google Maps API and location data stored on SQL Server to display waiting list information as a clickable heat map on the Intranet system.
  • Created a web page using ASP.NET to list files and folders pertaining to Assets and Liabilities on the fileserver.
  • Modified a third party Access database to give Housing staff greater insight into the database.


IT Experience

Skill Experience
SQL Server 10+ years
Visual Basic10+ years
HTML10+ years
CSS5+ years
Javascript1 year
JQuery1 year
PHP1 year
MSMQ2 years
MS Access15+ years
MS Excel15+ years

Key Successes

Key Skills


A qualified IT professional with over 19 years’ experience in providing IT business solutions, an expert in the processes, operations and governance of the social housing sector, with knowledge of BI and bespoke development. I have strong motivation, excellent communication and change management skills and significant experience working with clients looking to implement change.


Over my 19 years at DAMHA I gathered requirements, designed, developed and supported many applications, often adding features and functions from my own initiative which saved my colleagues time and effort, gaining me great experience in all aspects of the industry.


As part of learning new skills I've created some prospective websites for local community organisations and some simple web apps for tasks which interest me

Great Lumley Community Centre A page developed as a prototype for my local community centre.
Great Lumley Parish Council A page developed as a prototype for my local Parish Council.
Diesel Dashboard A small web app to showcase my data handling skills; developed with Bootstrap and Chart.js
Battleships A small game written in javascript.
Demolish Another small game written with javascript demonstrating basic animation.


Drop me a note

Chester le Street, Co Durham


Email: peter@pjburton.co.uk